September 14th, 2004


work is for jerks

i got a job! i think. a "youth and family counselor", which apparently means i hang out with challenged kids in maine. york and/or sanford, so i would be commuting i guess. it's $9/hr while i'm a trainee, and after 3 months or 300 hours i graduate to a real person and get $9.25/hr with benefits. it's not for reals counseling though, that's just the fancy title i get. it's more like i'm the guy who hangs around the place making sure hte kids are getting along and taking care of themselves
and julie informs me there is a similar place that's in dover and pays 10/hr. so i guess i will investigate that.

and i have an interview at the NE center on wednesday. to be a "pantry worker" which sounds unthrilling. but free NE center food would make me :-D though i would feel like a bastard choosing food for myself over helping kids
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hey. so i have an idea. i like reading, but i am a very distractable boy and don't read nearly as much as i'd like to. i also like having people around and telling them about the weird things i am reading.
so! i propose we start up a reading club, or something. like, we all sit around somewhere and read and chat and eat snacks. it will rule. CAN I GET A WITNESS??
ooh! we can use the executive conference room in the mub for xxxtreme comfort. or like, out in the park, but it's gettin kinda cold out. or anywhere really. yeah.
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