October 7th, 2004

messy monkey


thanks to mer, i have online OED access again. i am VERY excited

took the LSATs on saturday. it was pretty dumb- like a stripped-down SATs. they take themselves so seriously though, all strict about their stupid procedures. i don't need the freaking instructions you just handed out read out loud to me. if i cannot read it myself and figure out how to fill in my own damn name, i don't think i should be taking this test anyway. though to be fair, there was this one dude who was having a lot of trouble with that stuff- filling in his name, date, ssn, etc. he could not figure out where things went. he did really well, i'm sure. but yeah, they are ridiculous about their rules. i finished one section 10 minutes early, so i pulled a poetry book out of my bag. this lady comes over to tell me to put it away. now a) i was done b) i was reading a book of poetry. i don't think that is going to help me take the LSATs c) even if i'd wanted to cheat on this test, it isn't possible. this isn't physics or anything, it's freaking reading comprehension. they give you a little paragraph and ask questions about it. what book could i possibly have that i would be cheating out of?

in blot the other day i saw a grey car with the license plate GREYCAR. that is brilliance. i also saw a car wtih a bumper sticker that said "my next car will be a hybrid". while i support the message, that is a pretty dumb sticker to have. here, let me translate: "i care enough to buy this sticker, but not the actual hybrid car. maybe i'll care more in a few years"

i have tried watching the debates and could not stomach them. i get so pissed off and frustrated and have to stop. all i'm gonna say about them is that i detest politics. we shoudl not be electing government based on who we hate the least. and what i saw of the daily show debate special was a disapointment; they should at least pretend to give a crap what was being (supposedly) discussed

dan's political philosophy in a nutshell: pretty much any political system will work relatively well in a small (respectful) community, with communism probably the best. pretty much no political system will work very well in a large (simply by virtue of size, there will be many sucky people) community, but democracy is closest to good so far.

room temperature water is like drinking air, but lukewarm water is like drinking dust
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"C'mon honey, quit Stalin and give me a Chomsky"

free! fountains of wayne! bouncing souls! saturday! 4pm! boston city hall plaza!

(np is the best cd/song names ever. the actual music is just okay. the cover of the cd sleeve informs me that they are "the king of experimental jiggy death metal" which is why i got it)
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