October 23rd, 2004

robot love

"i love life because it is there" -heron

i was gonna write in a new letter to the editor, for tnh, but then i realized i didn't really care very much. so you are all going to be deprived of my scathing wit for yet another issue. but in short, i was going to point out that apparently the durham chief of police does not know the legal definitoin of a riot, that believe it or not quoting democrats sayiing something does not in fact make it true, and that if you are going to bother writing in to complain a cartoon is insulting to christians you should at least make sure your arguments are a) not wrong, and b) not contradicted by THE BIBLE. so all in all, yet more reasons why only i should be allowed to hold opinions.

realisation: my life doesn't suck. probably 40% of my waking life the past 5 months has been spent reading things online. this may sound pathetic (and yeah, it probably is), but it hasn't been boring. why? because i am absolutely fascinated by just about everything[1]. i spend most of my time online reading articles and essays and whatnot, following links here and there. i am constantly sucking up new information, most of it pointless, all of it interesting. i want to know everything, all of it. of course, i am aware that this is all pretty useless if i don't go out and actually do stuff in the real world, adn i do, and i intend to do lots more (some that will matter, even[2]), but nonetheless i spend most of my time online being astounded, and i love it.

so there.

[1] yesterday i read an article on the social lives of lobsters. lobsters are fucking bizarre. seriously, you have no idea. they spend most of their time, apparently, fighting and peeing on each other (via bladders in their faces) to decide what order they will have sex in. they then flirt by peeing on each other some more. lobsters are freakin gross. and apparently they used to be the seafood equivalent of a hotdog. people in maine only ate lobsters when there was nothing better available. but all the rich cityfolk moved out there looking for the simple life, saw that lobster was abotu as simple as it got to the simple mainers, and wanted some for themselves. and of course, if a bunch of rich folk want something, you can bet it's going ot become expensive and classy very soon thereafter.
[2] my LSAT score came in today. i got 168, on a scale from 120-180, and i am in the 97th percentile :D
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