October 30th, 2004

messy monkey

jesus christ aqm i drunk

rob~ IS ON THE the floor but isokaycuz his wedding is tomorrow and dan is me is fficiating cz i am to typign iwas going tosay i say i am a recertnef of the univcersal lfie church i had a lot of gnn toihgt and kristen just aidvoicemqail and i lost my train ofthought in my the mansion is tonight is like what i where want to be is siis holy shit am i drunk this is in livejornal yes a
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laughing jesus


for those who couldn't translate my drunkings -- today, in my capacity as reverend of the universal life church, i married rob~ and tracy. a for reals legal marriage. everyone (well, mostly) was very happy, it was wonderful. this was one of the better things that i've done to date. and now we enjoy florida some more. i'll be home monday, kids, seeya then
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