January 20th, 2005


stillborn brainchildren

new(er) hermit crab: nutter! he is ridiculously energetic (comparatively, at any rate. i don't know the standard) and likes exploring things, though he tends to get himself stuck because he hasn't figured out how to go backwards yet

self-observation: my good intentions generally amount to self-censorship. not "i will do this because it will be good" so much as "i won't do that because it will be bad, even though i want to"

so okay, i was reading today about Collapse )
and while i was researching this, i came across the Kingdom of Talossa, an imaginary micronation. not all micronations are imaginary though, for example sealand, a WWII british base 7 miles offshore, which some dude in the 60s established as an independent country (for reals! the british courts upheld it). see also: metahaven: state of emergency.

this all leads into another point of interest, which i have been wondering about for awhile but haven't looked into- what are international laws? all i can think of is they are whatever the UN comes up with and ratifies, but who is that binding on? can the UN inflict itself upon nonmember nations? or nations which are members, but haven't signed onto specific treaties? are there international laws that do not come from the UN? are they actual laws, or more like common laws? what IS legal/illegal in international waters?

i am awaynik.. Collapse )

if we have all this food and money lying around, why do people ever starve? update! since writing that, i was reading a book of jess', by pj o'rourke, and he points out that the US already gives out more aid/benefits to the poor to make them all not poor anymore. hypothetically speaking, anyway, i'm sure things get all screwed up coming down the pipeline. but nonetheless, it seems that - for reasons no one has been able to figure out - you cannot cure poverty by giving people money

there are so many cds/movies/books/whatever that i want, and i always think 'x is so amazing, i so want it, it's great, blah blah', but really-- if there are THAT many great bands and movies and whatever else out there, why should i give a crap whether or not i acquire/hear/see/enjoy any one particular? even if it is particularly great.

reasons i love the internet: the other day i looked up how to cook garlic and ended up reading how to make homemade botulism

i just can't handle reading more about this fucking Collapse ). i would like to go live with some isolated tribe somewhere for a while. it's one of the only possibilities left in the world to attempt a different lifestyle
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robot love

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i realized today that there is no one i am really into, right now. no one for me to be super crushed out on and obsess over. i can't remember the last time that was true.

and for some reason, this really upsets me.
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