February 8th, 2005


fun fact: 'britney spears' is an anagram of 'presbyterians'

so my plans this weekend were as follows: drive kevin to work at holloway saturday morning, be smuggled into aforementioned dining hall by aforementioned roommate for all-you-can-eat + book = paradise. after i've eaten enough to give myself a stroke and read for a few hours, go home, kill time til 7, go see "team america", and go to the commune's anti-superbowl party for the remainder of the weekend, where good times would occur.
my actual weekend was as follows: kevin called friday night to say he didn't need a ride but i could still come and he'd get me in (yay). so saturday i went, with debbie. we got there to find no kevin at the door. instead was some girl who said he wasn't working this week (which he later told me was a lie, but hey). debbie, however, was nice enough to guest me in, and we had a nice brunch, after which i quickly got very sick with the murderdeath flu. by which i mean the normal flu, but i like to pretend my diseases are far worse than average because i am dramatic like that. really i don't know what makes something the flu or not, but i'm taking rob~'s word for it. so anyway, was sick all saturday, thought i was better sunday but it tricked me and i was still sick, plus now had a massive headache, so i ganked some of kevin's (i assume) tylenol nighttime cold and flu from the medicine cabinet. that stuff knocked me out for 14 hours, which is intense. plus, i woke up today all better, for real. so yay!

meanwhile, here is what happens when i read bad poetry and bad philosophy.

at work, there was a corkboard where people put up random shit. one lady has been putting up a ton of weird trivia questions she gets out of a big book. i put up 2 of my own. let's see if any of you are dorks:
1) the word "family" comes originally from the latin word for what?
2) which day of the year is an embolism?

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