August 23rd, 2005


acid etched to your essence

at some point in my life, i will live in nyc. not outisde the city, no hoboken, i will be in the heart of it. and not pansy-ass manhattan either. i want people screaming in 5 different languages outside my window at 3am. i want everyone, self-assured and self-contained, pressed in around me and walking at top speed, determined, towards their destination. nyc feels more vibrant and vital than anywhere else i've been.

and i want to start communes. get a huge tract of land in the midwest somewhere (or a big empty warehouse in a city. hell, a big field in a city), and just.. open it. to anyone. whoever cares to is free to come and go as they please, stay as long as they like, build a shack of their own, grow crops, plant trees. be happy. be free to be happy.

ah the hard lot of the idealist
exploding branez

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some dude in vancouver: you wanna incomprehensiblemashofwords?
me: ... huh?
dude: you wanna see me climb a tree to the top? or a pole? all the way to the top!
me: umm i'm all set, thanks
dude: oh. well, do you have any change?

that was amazing.