October 4th, 2005


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i wonder if the post office is still open. i wonder if they have boxes for cheap (since i forgot the nice ones i found at work with funny value village things written all over them under a ladder). jenn just told me why raffles are cheaper than pancakes, and we agree that pilates is inscrutible. i have to mail out a form, which means i have to print it somewhere, which means i get to use my little keychain usb drive. that thing has not been as astoundingly convenient and useful as i had hoped.
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we children

in REM sleep, our brainwaves drop down to between 8 and 13 hertz, while the earth shakes in its turning at approximately 10 hertz.

"How do you know but that every bird that cleaves the aerial way is not an immense world of delight closed to your senses five?" -william blake

ferret in pants

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so i had to print out a form today, to mail it. i put it onto my flashdrive and went driving down northwest, stopped at the first copy place i saw, Poor Rob's Copy / Design. turns out, he is poor for a very good reason. he may be good at design, but he could not manage to print out my file without me telling him what buttons to click. and then..

"so i don't really know what to charge for this, this is new."
"yeah. the place around the corner, you know, they'd charge you five bucks just to plug your drive in, get the file off of it, plus printing on top of that."
"seriously? what a scam!"
"have you ever done this somewhere else?"
"uh nope. i used to have a printer, before i moved"
"oh. well, what do you think i should charge?"

we settled on 50 cents for 2 pages, which i think is a bit high, but i'm not too worried about it.

i made a friend today!
went out to my car and found this note on my windshield:
Maggie #217
so i'm gonna go visit later.