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let's do this thing - here is where i live

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January 22nd, 2002

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04:53 am - let's do this thing
i need to update verbalkint, it's been awhile. i also need to work on a lot of the writing things i've had lying around. and i'm doin music stuff. and school stuff. and other stuff. so much stuff.

cripe, who am i kidding. i didnt even manage to finish unpacking today, how the hell am i going ot accomplish anything useful?

and now i'm going to bed. 2 hours later than planned. and i need to put a sheet on the bed first. which means i need to get all the stuff off my bed first. jeez.

someone come take care of me
state: slovenly
np: Deftones - 03 - One Weak

(en garde!)

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