January 14th, 2006


suddenly cthulhu

many of you are aware of my love of Weird Shit. i spend way more time than is healthy reading about strange things that have been found or discovered - i'm not talking ghosts etc, but new species, objects in space, things like that. normally i am enthralled by such tales, but today i just got overloaded. remember those remains of the little hobbitsized people that were found last year? that won't be the end of it, by any stretch. they were found on the asian island of somethingorother, and really there's no reason similar finds won't be made on nearby islands, some of which are inhabited by normaltype people with folktales of little folk that were already being taken fairly seriously by scientists who had found traces, like hair, but nothing conclusive. meanwhile, the hunt is still on for possible surviving giant sloths, mainly the mapinguari in brazil. now, the giant sloth is my favorite extinct animal, and would certainly be a joyous discovery for all were it to have survived (to say nothing of the mongolian death worm being tracked in the gobi desert). but seriously, they ain't called giant for nothing. if it's taken us this long to track it down, what other huge things have we missed? oh whoops, there's another continent that nobody noticed! if that turned out to be true i would only be half surprised, considering - for example - that last year a US nuclear sub crashed into a freaking underwater mountain that had somehow been left off of all the charts and maps. people started looking at their charts and noticed that most of their data hadn't been updated since the 80s, and some of it dated from CAPTAIN COOK, who had measured the ocean depths with lead sinkers. good golly, people, the navy has been relying on captain cook to pilot its nuclear submarines. and meanwhile, the ocean is hardly less mysterious above its floor. they're still trying to figure out the 'milky seas' phenomenon, wherein patches of ocean the size of connecticutt will fill up with photoluminescent bacteria that all starts glowing and glowing until it all dissipates for no mroe reason than it started. or how about the "bloop"s, noises picked up by cold-war era underwater microphones that had been installed to detect enemy subs. some of these bloops are so loud and bassy (or whatever the deep underwater equivalent is) that they are probably being made by creatures much larger than blue whales. or how about the 100 foot tall waves that have been detected on the ocean? they used to think these giant waves occurred once every few thousand years or so (when the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow and the grass doth grow), until they started looking around in 2001 and spotted 14 of them within months. these aren't tsunami waves, mind you, they just kinda happen. though speaking of tsunamis, they found all sorts of interesting ruins and things in the wake of the indian tsunami, including what could be the remains of the mythical city of somenameiforgot, that legend says was so beautiful the gods destroyed it. if this sounds fishily atlantean, never fear: what appears to be a sunken island has been found on the ocean floor near greece, possibly itself the victim of earthquakes and tsunamis.

[i would give links to all this stuff, but i closed most of them already. this is a good place to start, just beware that they're fairly indiscriminent about sources, having stories from weekly world news next to cnn]

two articles i will call attention to, however:
mysterious chunks of flesh have been clogging up water lines in iowa
a greek plane crashed last year, with everyone on board not only dead but frozen solid prior to impact

so basically, the world is full of weird shit we don't understand that might kill us. on the plus side, we may have finally figured out trigonometry.
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