January 17th, 2006

boy and his blob

perhaps pershmaps

last night, for the first time in quite a while, i listened to music (devin townsend - terria). really listened- eyes closed, lean back, headphones. it was lovely, and very calming. except when the cats jumped on me.

tomorrow at 4pm i have an appointment to donate plasma. well, not donate so much as sell. they pay $45/wk for 2 donations. almost 200 bucks a month to sit and bleed! i'll bring some books and such, it will be good vampiric fun

words can infect me. if i read something with a strong voice, i will find myself thinking/speaking like it. it barely even matters what they're saying- a sad story told by a happy person will be understanding and optimistic; a happy story told by a sad person will be cynical and miserable. this is why i try to curtail my wallowing in (artistic) misery. this is also part of why i like reading some of your journals so much. phairbear and theashifaction come to mind.
this thought brought to you by the catcher in the rye, which i poked my nose into a few days ago, and it made me mopey. holden jerkface caulfield.

okcupid just asked me if a girl who's slept with 100 guys is a bad person. my first response: how the hell did she do that?! and what were her standards? (and don't worry, mine progressive friends, it asked the same question about a guy soon after. nothing in between though. i don't think dating sites believe in such conditions)

no definites yet, but current planning is that next month i will put in my 30 days for my paper route (2 weeks isn't good enough for this place), and me and lauri will split her route. i'll be making the same money and putting in the same hours (on average), but only working half as often. like, i'm on for a week and then she is. or whatever length of time we're looking for. so expect visits! who wants a dan?

i have so much i want to do, and i don't do any of it. that NEEDS to end. END. i will do many wonderful things.
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