January 26th, 2006


Voice Post: elmo will swallow your soul

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“i just heard the most amazing thing on NPR. so umm, apparently sesame street put out a potty training book, featuring elmo, and it has a little computer chip in it so that as you're reading the book, elmo will, ya know, give witty comments and things. and at one point he says "uh oh, who has to go?" but due to, and i quote, 'cheap computer chips' he actually says in some- to some people "uh oh, who wants to die?" ......... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? how do you-- i can't even imagine. umm so i had to share that with everyone, because that made my night. bye bye!”

Transcribed by: kingnixon

i REALLY want this book now.

it's high time you find diamonds in this coal mine

i had the weirdest dream. it was my birthday, and we were all off to some undisclosed birthday location, but everyone ditched me. it was totally by accident, but they never bothered to come back for me and i was lost and danny fallon had my cellphone. but i managed to find my parents, who got mad at me for somethingorother and ditched me too. but somehow i got invited to a party at the home of someone whose name i sorta recognized but i had no idea who she was. got there to find out a) she wasn't there, b) she was dan berry's sister (does he even have a sister? who knows) c) he wasn't there either, but d) dara was. she was all excited to see me. she also looked a little like jd in the dream, but hey. then we made out for awhile. so it had a happy ending, at least!
what ever happened to dara? does anyone know?

on tuesday i had my car checkup. the dude said it was mostly fine, except that the coolant was "vile" but they didn't have time to clean that up right then. so today i brought it back, and the guy who took care of it today came back in and goes "that was horrible!" i'm afraid to know what happened in there. did weasels molt in my engine or what?