January 30th, 2006

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i am narcoleptic today. i slept for 11 hrs and i keep passing out on the couch. i don't know why i am so sleepy.

so now i am going to listen to metal and do pushups. maybe that will wake me.

melley is making an alien vampire zombie in sims. no wonder i like her.
and speaking of, i have a new nickname! melley has dubbed me the eternal hamster, because i came from new hamster to bellinghamster.
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i don't like when people are shitty

so, the other day lauri's car was broken into. they took her wallet, backpack, and the keys to jaime's car. they then took jaime's car. this was discovered at like 3am, so she waited for the cops and i went to pick up her papers. i did my route and helped with hers, though i didn't get a lot of hers done because i couldn't find anything on the routelist. i did manage to get pulled over while stopped, however, and to drive into a ditch.
meanwhile, the next day lauri brings her car to get looked over, and is informed that her brakes are gone. like, they didn't know how she got there alive. swell! so she is at this point down two cars. a rental is procured. we go on a mission, cruising bellingham's sleazy motels in case the car wound up there. the internets spotted it on the way to lyndon, so lauri called the cop and he told lyndon and one of them spotted it. so at like 6am we are off to the edge of nowhere to claim it. expecting one or two cops hanging out, we get there to find a whole damn troupe of them. we're on this absolutely beautiful lakeside property, but the houses are all shacks. aaaand i don't feel like typing anymore, so long story short: they arrested the two chumps, everythign was recovered except lauri's backpack, and the clever cons left their checkbook in the car. THEY LIVE IN THE APT UNDER US. fuckers. they will be eaten by wolverines.

oh, and lauri bought the best dvd ever - The Best of Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers.

i am awaynik..
[11:11:53pm] <awaynik> we found a dvd of the best of the power rangers at EB. it's probably the best thing ever.
[11:13:22pm] <Raventhon> ...
[11:13:30pm] <Raventhon> what is it, 2 minutes long?
[11:18:23pm] <Raventhon> . . .
[11:18:24pm] <Raventhon> wow.
[11:18:40pm] <awaynik> :D
[11:19:13pm] <Raventhon> I have no words for how terrified I am.
[11:21:27pm] <awaynik> all the red rangers just teamed up. they are currently fighting the remnants of the machine empire, on the moon, before they dig up lord zedd's serpentera zord
[11:21:34pm] <awaynik> it's very dramatic
[11:22:04pm] <awaynik> wow, this episode actually has special effects and stuff
[11:22:24pm] <awaynik> i mean, they're not very good. like next generation quality
[11:22:55pm] <awaynik> but it's better than the early seasons where htey literally used plastic toys on strings
[11:25:10pm] <awaynik> i love that they didn't even bother refilming hte scene
[11:25:55pm] <awaynik> also one of them seems to be powered by a cellphone
[11:26:12pm] <awaynik> and one by math
[11:33:55pm] <idigital> ....
[11:38:18pm] <kamara> oh man
[11:38:21pm] <kamara> i want that dvd.
[11:38:23pm] <kamara> seriously.
[11:38:56pm] <awaynik> thank you! i'm glad someone else understands the awesome.
[11:39:30pm] <kamara> =D
[11:39:49pm] <kamara> power rangers rocks. they're showing it on Jetix (used to be Fox Kids).