March 6th, 2006

pink eye


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Top 5 Things To Bribe Me With
5. food
4. ummm more food?
3. what are you bribing me to do, anyway? how about dvds. or cds. i have too many cds though.
2. cook me food. yes i'm a glutton
1. kisses
i tag whoever wants to do it. too sleepy to pick people. lauri was running the space heater and now it's infinite degrees in here, it's knocking me out

hey, so lj nerds - what is the point of tags? i've been using them for a little while, but i was thinking about it yesterday. what are they even for? it's not like flickr, you can't find all posts about cheeseburgers or something (or can you? i haven't seen it), and i don't need tags to find my own posts