June 1st, 2006


vroom again

sooo the car people claim they can find nothing at all wrong with my car[1]. lauri said it was fine when she drove it home. i don't know what its deal is, but for now i will assume gremlins. oh wait! tara informs me it may be that the carberator is stuck, and i need special car detergent to make my whites whiter and my brights brighter.

this morning last night[2] tuesday night[3] i went out with lauri and riley. i kicked their asses in scrabble, which was cool. i had pretty much given up on being any good at that game after getting creamed by kevin 456789 times, but i had forgotten that he is an evil scrabble cyborg.

there were other things i wanted to post about, but i've forgotten what. the world may never know. probably just my response to stupid things on npr anyway, that's 80% of my brain since i started listening to them.
though i will mention that lauri and i decided awhile ago that the bbc is to liberals as fox is to conversatives[4]. and they both tick me off.

[1] except the brakes are wearing out, but i'll deal with that elsewhere. lauri and i have concluded that meridian tire ruins everything they work on.
[2] sleeping from noon to 8pm makes it hard to keep track of what day you're in
[3] i forgot to actually post this after i wrote it
[4] hahaha i really like this typo
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