August 8th, 2006


new plan: forge money.

so in june my car's brakes melted. or whatever it is brakes do when they hate us, it was doing that. grindy grind growl. so i got that fixed, no problem except that it was like 500 bucks i didn't really have. but okay.
and then last month there i am, driving up from san diego to san francisco with julie. we pull off the highway to get gas or food or orphans or whatever, and grindy grind. so there we are, at a nowhere gas station at like 9pm, 20ish driving hours from my home, mumble hours from our destination, with brakes potentially ready to give out at a moment's notice. so oh well, and we keep driving. we get to sf, sarah's friend recommends a car place, i bring it in and yep the brakes are dying again. so another 450 bucks later, and i'm good to go.
when i get home i go back to the first place to punch their warranty in the face until it gives me money. except that oops maybe i shoulda read the thing - if you're too far away for them to look at it themselves, you're supposed to bring it to a NAPA shop. i did not do so, and this little mistake is costing me about 400 bucks (they replaced the cost of the brake pads anyway, out of the kindness of their heart). they also said that they'd still be able to get me a refund if the sf shop had kept the parts or taken pictures or whatever, something so they can prove to their supplier that it was defective. so i call the place, and nope on all counts, though he does inform me that the brakes looked like they hadn't been worked on in at least a year. this is suspicious to say the least, but as the shop i was in points out, they can't refund me just because some dude in cali says so, as he could just as easily be lying to justify his own work.
so the moral of the story is: read your paperwork.

when i got back from my trip, lauri informed me that there was Paper Route Drama. baaaaaasically, near as i can understand it, which is not very near at all actually -- since january, amanda bosslady had been telling us that the route was going to be split into 2 routes for bureocratic (sp? i hate that word) reasons, and we would each be assigned one of the halves. then while i was gone this changed to it being split into 3 parts, and we probably will get none of them, due to our numerous horrendous delivery errors which nobody ever bothered to tell us about. there's a sheet we get every morning that lists all the calls that came in, and amanda straight up said that she didn't bother putting calls she got on there. meanwhile, she draws up a new route list to acomodate the changes of it being split into 3 parts (with some other minor shuffling). now i'm using her new list and getting lots of errors because she left lots of houses off of it. i tried to point this out to her and she just jabbered her way around it. we had a meeting of lauri, me, amanda, and amanda's boss' boss, and basically they doubletalked us until it was decided we would end on the 20th.
so, who wants to give me a new job?

on the plus side, just now lauri offered to pay me 50 bucks to do the route tonight (it's her week) so she can sleep more.
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