August 11th, 2006


ring ring

so i just got a spamcall. first she asked for a male aged 25 or older.
dan: no one like that here.
lady: oh. how about 18 or older?
dan: i am.
lady: would you like to participate?
dan: in...?
lady: oh, a survey.
dan: what's it about?
lady: i don't know, the system doesn't tell me until you agree to continue.
dan: well i mean, what's it like? is it political, or are you asking my favorite brand of toothpaste?
lady: i don't know. would you like to continue and find out?
dan: i'm gonna pass.

sometimes i think these companies don't even want profit; they just want to irritate everybody.

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granny death

on stalking

at bloodworld today this one dude was talking about how he found his old friend's daughter. his at-the-time best friend died right after they graduated high school, you see, but she'd had a daughter soon before, and he just wanted to see what became of her. so he searches online, finds her boyfriend's myspace, and learns "everything you could want to know" which apparently consisted of a photo and the name of her school. but the thing of it is, he was horrified that this was all available online. a lot of people seem to think putting your info online is going to leave you wide open to stalking and kidnapping and alien abduction and who knows what else.
now there are certainly some weirdos out there, and probably some are better aclimated to the internets than to the outside world. but there are plenty of monsters who do just fine offline; there were predators before the web. i fail to see how having my address online is more dangerous than having it in the phonebook or on unh's alumni list or just - gasp! - walking down the street. it's not as if i'm going to be e-murdered; even online predators need to venture offline at some point.
ultimately though, if this guy was so horrified at the thought of that innocent young girl's info being freely available online, i have to wonder what he was hoping to find when he SEARCHED FOR HER ONLINE. i didn't think to ask at the time though, so this mystery must remain unsolved.
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