September 2nd, 2006

i hate myself and i want to die

that was gross

King Nixon (11:49:50 AM): kristan i have a problem
King Nixon (11:50:04 AM): my nose is running a lot so i wadded up a tissue and stuck it in the nostril. but now i can't get it out
x kristan (11:50:14 AM): hahahaha.
x kristan (11:50:52 AM): i'm sorry about my uncontrolled laughter at your no doubt dire situation.
King Nixon (11:51:02 AM): that's okay, it is very silly
x kristan (11:51:03 AM): blow it out!
King Nixon (11:51:12 AM): i think it's too dense
x kristan (11:51:53 AM): blow really hard.
King Nixon (11:52:30 AM): no, it's okay, i managed to pick it out
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