September 29th, 2006

super dan


today i saw 2 really funny plays, 2 mediocre plays, and 2 crap plays. then i met a really cute girl named lolli (oh jk, lauri says her name is spelled lale. still pronounced like lollipop though, which is the main thing) whom lauri knows. i also coinstarred $25 worth of change and went to 3 seperate stores looking for an airbed patch kit before i gave up and bought a waterbed patch kit instead, so hopefully that works. i bought lunch at a trailer in a gas station parking lot, because i exude class. apparently tomorrow they will be selling goat tacos. true story!
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    thrice - identity crisis - 08 - a torch to end all torches
carrot farmer

pay me for my love

shortest job interview of my life. i was hired to do occasional and random odd jobs, which does not actually sound all that helpful.

edit: people seem to be interpreting this as me having found a job. i would just like to stress the occasional part of that description.
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    sum 41 - chuck - we're all to blame