September 30th, 2006


hack me

when i boot up, it gives me this weird string of symbols[1] and freezes. to get in, i have to go to the boot menu and tell it to boot from teh hard drive (which is what it wanted to do anyway, so i don't know why this works, which is not comforting). i don't know what i did to it, but it's not from installing anything or registry fiddling or anything like that -- i used a restore point from a full week ago and it didn't fix anything.

so, mine questions they are two:
how would i go about fixing or at least diagnosing this?
is this bad? if it just means i have to use my boot menu workaround, then no big deal, but if it ever makes the small leap to not being able to boot at all, that would be quite a bit shittier. plz advise.

[1] here is my approximation of the error msg, in case anyone speaks robot:

ps: x kristan (2:01:23 PM): i speak robot! it goes beep beep boop beep -_-