October 4th, 2006

papa smurf


i backed stuff up, preparing to reformat my harddrive and reinstall everything (AGAIN) and see if that helped. before doing that, i gave it one last reboot, and uhh it worked perfectly. no crazy errors at all. i tried more times, from restarting to complete shut off and then back on, and it is behaving itself admirably. so picture me here flailing my arms about in confusion.

in other news, i am going to WWU's fencing club tonight! their first meeting of the year. i think i won't be allowed to do anything tonight cuz i have to bring in some "i won't sue you when i die" form, but hey.
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FENCING! oh man i missed it, that ruled. i went to WWU's club. it's totally ghetto compared to how UNH was, though -- all the brand new fencers, they taught them footwork for like 20 minutes, gave them all blades, taught really bad 4 and 6 parries, handed out masks, and had us lunging at each other. the unh club was very safety conscious (not to mention skill conscious. there was weeks of footwork before the stabbing began). also they're making me do foil :( some people do saber and epee like on the side, but the club is 90% foil, on the whole.
for those not up on fencing, basically the 3 blades break down as such: epee = chess, foil = tennis, saber = football. also, foil and saber have right-of-way, which is the equivalent of putting traffic lights in a bumper car rink.
also, i forgot how tiring fencing is. my legs, they are no longer living! they are noodle zombies!
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