October 11th, 2006

aghast crowd

oh look, a press release. are YOU the press?

Polling officials allowed 17-year-old to vote
Teenager now facing felony charges

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for those who don't know, i have been into youth rights for a good while now. i got burnt out pretty quick on trying to actually, ya know, do anything, but it's still something i'm interested in. and this seems like it could spin into an actual issue, right here. compare, for example, to susan b anthony doing the exact same thing in 1872. and now she's on a silver dollar! and chicks got the vote, and stuff. so clearly, the times they are potentially a-changin'. also of note is that lowering the minimum age of various things is being discussed more and more often around the world, and sometimes even acted upon. the czech ages of criminal responsibility and of consent were both just recently lowered[1] to 14. (as a side note, while lowering the criminal age was roundly approved, the age of consent is causing all manner of ruckus. how in the flying crap ass hell did being able to have sex become more controversial than being able to be jailed for life?)

[1] wait now i'm not sure if it was or not. is there an upper house that also needs to approve? is that what the chamber of deputies is? this article isn't entirely clear and i'm afraid i'm not up on the czech political system.
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