November 17th, 2006

fall down go boom


so i was sick last night. Collapse ) also because i was out of it i ran the shower without putting the shower curtain in place and the floor (where my clothes were) got all soaked and puddled.
today my stomach is less upset, but everything aches and just sitting upright is making me short of breath. ebola :(

NOTE TO POTENTIAL NEW ROOMMATES: THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. IF IT THREATENS TO HAPPEN AGAIN, I WILL KILL MYSELF INSTEAD. OKAY THEN. okay now this post is friends only. after this, i don't even want to live with me. it's been long enough. full disclosure!
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planning for the future

someone asked me the other day, what do i want to do? i said 'inherit great wealth'. i feel very clever every time i use that answer, even though i stole it from a judy bloom blume book

riley objects!
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