December 16th, 2006


attend to my words!

i decree this month (and all applicable portions of the next one) to be AWESOME HANGOUT MONTH, since all signs point to me moving in 3-4 weeks. all of you local yokels can expect some calls, but feel free to reach me first since i don't know when anyone is freeeee (or some of your numbers)
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mother brain cartoon

ah ha!

looking back, i got sloppily stupidly drunk this year more than i would've liked, and i think i just figured out why. mostly this happened at amber's apt, and once at the commune when em plied me with some homemade tequila concoction. it happens when good booze is involved. usually when i drink -- which isn't that often anyway; i'm sure that contributes as well -- it's something cheap and awful, so i can tell what i'm having. but then when people start busting out the good stuff, i can suddenly drink more without, ya know, cringing. and so i do, because i'm stupid like that.
so the moral of the story is that my unrefined taste is what has saved me from a life in the gutter.
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