January 2nd, 2007



aquapod, originally uploaded by kingnixon.

"orbtastic new shape"! well thank fucking god. i know i for one have been waiting ages for a water bottle that is conveniently shaped for chucking at people's heads. this doesn't seem like it would be any better for drinking out of though

brainy smurf


has anyone ever actually been given good advice and followed it? i don't mean like advice on the quickest route to the store, but like you have a problem in your personal life, you talk to a friend about it, they advise you. do you ever say "hey that's a good idea" and go break up with bob, or whatever it is they said to do? or do you tell them they're probably right and then keep on doing what you were doing already? i know that's what i do. and i can't remember offhand anyone else ever taking my brilliant advice. why do we still ask?
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