February 1st, 2007

morry levine for president

this decision will come back to haunt them

King Nixon (11:19:40 PM): apparently i am BACH (the co-ops) treasurer now? or one of them? this should be interesting
Tadonnen (11:20:26 PM): lol why?  because you're jewish?
King Nixon (11:21:20 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
King Nixon (11:21:23 PM): i hope so
Tadonnen (11:22:17 PM): =D

at any rate, i think i'll be better than the treasurer who apparently stole a bunch of money to buy cocaine. "he turned out to be not quite as shady as he perhaps should have been, resulting in a loss of money with no subsequent gain in cocaine." i pledge to procure actual cocaine via any shady cocaine-related deals i steal house funds to finance.

also: monday night i made dinner for the house. nobody died. it was veggie soup and actually came out delicious.
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hello moto

i got a new celeryphone today! you should call it and say sexy things! 401-996-5614 kthx
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    all the ringtones on this thing are ridiculous