February 13th, 2007

hair dryer

dan's rendition of every socratic dialogue ever

DOPEY MCGEE: i am a giant idiot and believe stupid things!
SOCRATES: what are your thoughts regarding tacos?
DOPEY MCGEE: tacos are a variety of short people with funny haircuts.
SOCRATES: i am certainly far too simple to disagree with your assertion. why do you believe this?
DOPEY MCGEE: my reasons are blithering and few. let me expound on them for 4 pages.
SOCRATES: now, remember that i am very foolish, but in my silliness, it appears to me that you are completely wrong in every possible way. tacos contain meat and cheese, therefore they are clearly cheeseburgers and not short people. now listen as i repeat this for 15 pages.
DOPEY MCGEE: everything you have ever said is correct and unquestionable. all who disagree with you are angering the gods and letting the terrorists win. you are truly the wisest of men.

every so often, i remember how stupid and irritating they are and feel the need to post about it, probably using many of the same jokes. you suck, socratic dialogues!!

also, my mom just called to tell me we're supposed to get snow and ice this evening, and maybe i should call out to MY FIRST DAY OF WORK tomorrow if the driving is bad. have i mentioned that i made my cellphone's ringtone chumbawamba's "tubthumping"? because i did, and it's awesome.
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