February 14th, 2007

angry face

brb killing myself

fuck shit mothercunting fuck today sucked. LET'S REVIEW, YES? okay, didn't get my loan, sat on 95 for about 4 hours in slowass traffic, slid off the road at my exit and crashed into a sign (remember when i went like 24 years without getting into an accident every couple months? what the shit happened to that?), got charged $100 for a tow truck to drag me THREE FEET because the cop who magically appeared wouldn't let me just drive out myself, the stupid hospital bitch sent the nurse home because she thought i wasn't coming even though i CALLED TO TELL HER I WAS COMING so i couldn't get my fucking pre-employment physical done so i couldn't go to work so i just filled out some nonsensical forms (have i ever been exposed to plastics? PLASTICS?? i was exposed to fucking plastic standing there filling out the form with my plastic fucking pen) and drove home while my car made fuckin scrapey noises that i just hope are some piece of something hanging off a little and not like stabbing into the tire or some shit. but i won't be able to have it checked until friday at the earliest beacuse i am supposed to be back up there tomorrow at 10:15am to try it all again. and now i am cold and i am wet and fuck today. happy valentines to me.

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