February 25th, 2007


welcome, my friends, to the midnight cabaret / where the drinks are free but you really must stay

i got out of work 2 hours early last night. there were only like 3 people at the house, since everyone else had gone home to see their families and such, so i guess there wasn't much need to have 3 of us working. also i don't think 2 of the girls i was working with like me very much. at this point i drove off to boston to the reverend glasseye farewell show (they're moving to texas for some silly reason). it was pretty fantastic. i'd never heard of the 2 opening bands, but they were good times. stephl was supposed to be at the show but we never caught each other. i saw someone who looked kind of like her but i wasn't sure, and was too awkward to just say hi and find out because i'm ridiculous.
hallelujah the hills was somewhere between the decemberists and sheila divine. all of their songs were constructed exactly the same, but it sounded good. then was porches on the autobonne (sp?), who were basically if early beastie boys pretended they were german eurotrash techno. like group x, kind of. their music was intentionally crap, but they put on a hellllllluva show -- with songs about how americans are weird and should dance to their superior happy german dance music, and about "asphyxiation masturbation: the best kind of masturbation". they kept putting on and taking off clothes during the show, including sunglasses, 3D red/green glasses, ski jackets, suit jackets, ties, various hats, a plastic helmet with a fullsize disco ball attached to it (this was incredible), various flashlights and things. they climbed on equipment and hung from pipes on the ceiling and crawled through the crowd and were basically awesome. and they had a song with one verse which i will try to quote as well as i can: we went to the hospital but the people were very sick. we brought beers but no one could drink them or they would die. they were all so sick!
the reverend was, of course, really good. since the 1st cd they have gotten better in every way except the music is much less danceable. but they played "midnight cabaret" and i danced to that with some random girl who was doing country line dances i think. then she made me do the hokey pokey with her. oh and between the 1st two bands, there was a small burlesque show, which near as i can tell means topless girl with weird makeup. later on, some girls pretended to give birth to sharks and bibles. walking back to my car (this was a half hour walk, because i am stupid), many drunk people loudly engaged me in conversations, which never fails to amuse me. i got home around 4am and promptly passed the fuck out.

meanwhile, i apparently missed quite an evening here. 3 bands and booze and etcs. everyone is kind of woozy today and there are half-empty bottles of various drinks everywhere. also a bottle of johnson's baby oil in the hallway which i am going to ignore for now.
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My greatest enemies are Women and the Sea. These things I hate. Women because they are weak and stupid and live in the shadow of men and are nothing compared to them, and the Sea because it has always frustrated me, destroying what I have built, washing away what I have left, wiping clean the marks I have made. And I'm not all that sure the Wind is blameless, either.
--iain banks, the wasp factory