April 5th, 2007

fall down go boom

this conversation was actually from like a month ago. but it's true over and over

King Nixon (11:10:42 PM): one in the long line of incredibly frustrating situations i always get myself into
onwatershipdown (11:12:00 PM): super mario land syndrome
King Nixon (11:12:06 PM): HAHAHAHAHA
King Nixon (11:12:13 PM): yes
onwatershipdown (11:12:16 PM): i explained this to you, or do you already get it
King Nixon (11:12:21 PM): i already get it
King Nixon (11:12:25 PM): my princess is in another castle
onwatershipdown (11:12:34 PM): no, the game boy version is better
onwatershipdown (11:12:47 PM): remember that one?
onwatershipdown (11:13:16 PM): you go through the level, beat the boss, and get to the princess.
onwatershipdown (11:13:26 PM): she say "thank you mario"...
onwatershipdown (11:13:33 PM): mario says "oh, daisy!"
onwatershipdown (11:13:51 PM): at which point daisy turns into a giant bug-monster and flies away
King Nixon (11:14:01 PM): hahahahahha i remember that shit
King Nixon (11:14:06 PM): man, mario's life sucks

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