September 30th, 2007

gentle conversations

"you're born naked and the rest is drag." -rupaul (according to some comment in sarah's lj)

i will never get tired of this song. it has everything going for it! it's catchy, it's dancy, and it's hilariously stupid. i can't think of a single other song that comes anywhere near this topic, and few that are as mindlessly bizarre. does he really have that much trouble with people confusing him for fay wray?

i guess it's porn? but is kind of wonderful. it's all face closeups of people having orgasms, and then interviews with these people later on. so no nudity or anything, just people feeling good and making silly faces and noises. and then talking about it. or so i judge from the sample (top left changing box thing). it's not particularly hot for me, but oddly sweet tho
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fire hydrant


i found a lighter in the kitchen and stuck it in my pocket. someone around here always needs a light, and i want to be able to offer it. however! i am a fidgety dude. my hands are always fiddling with something. and i just realized that i was sitting here with my hand in my pocket, messing absentmindedly with the lighter, and i was like 10 seconds from lighting it IN MY POCKET. which would've ruled.
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