December 18th, 2007


Voice Post

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“So just took me an hour to get out of the driveway. Actually, and hour plus. This is giant fuckin you know Ridiculous snow man and awfulness(?) I tried to be good. And it was taking a god damn forever and I tried to like slam my way over it and got stuck and tried to go back in and suck blah blah blah. And this random dude just showed up and was hey like need some help and had a shovel with him even though to feed the ___ but he's one of ours and say he pretty much saved the universe and it was awesome and I think he's name is Jake he lives up the streets somewhere I don't know but thank you Dick mystery person. Your awesome and also random old dudeish(?) showed up right at the end to help push the car. So yeah people are neat. The end. Bye.”

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