January 12th, 2008

service online


so remember when i said i was gonna be offline for 2 weeks? well that was because my computer was being sent to dell for a restful spa vacation. they told me it would be 4-8 business days, which apparently meant 1 day. this was the one good thing about this experience.

[so i just wrote a whole bunch of summarizing crap that i can't imagine anyone wants to read, inasmuch as i got bored before i finished writing it. so i will just say here that my comp was acting up, it's still under warranty, and i wound up going through 5 tech support people, 1 customer service person, 2 shipping people, and 1 "case manager with the Resolution Expert Center" before dell decided it would be fun to fix it for me. but it seems to be fine now. if you want to read all the junk i wrote before i got bored of it, i'll stick it in a cut]

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tomorrow: mars volta! woo!
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