March 23rd, 2008

sweat everywhere

time after time

last night i went to bed around 2am. woke up around 6 and couldn't get back to sleep. after awhile i gave up and started reading steel beach[1]. i had my alarm set for 10 (work at 11) so i just lay there reading and dozing and trying to get some more sleep. eventually i felt like i'd been laying there a long time, and i had read a whole lot, so i checked the clock and it was quarter to noon. i guess i forgot to set the alarm or something? oops. and i covered harry's shift tonight so he could go get laid, so i worked til 10pm.

[1] by john varley. one of my favorite books. i've read it like 5 times, and it's still a book i can just pick up, flip to a random page, and read for apparently 5 hours.
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mother brain


so this is something i have debated a lot, with myself and others. what do words mean? specifically, a word like 'gay', with meanings that don't have anything to do with each other but do seem to be linked somehow. a quote:

One reason for this increase in use could be because "gay" has partly lost its sexual connotations among young people, he says. While still pejorative, for the majority of youngsters it has replaced words such as "lame".

"I have interviewed scores of school kids about this and they are always emphatic that it has nothing at all to do with hostility to homosexuals," says Mr Thorne, compiler of the Dictionary of Contemporary Slang. "It is nearly always used in contexts where sexual orientation and sexuality are completely irrelevant." []

i can't really make up my mind on this. on the one hand, words gain and lose meanings all the time and there's no particular reason to doubt it. but sometimes the meanings are muddled, especially when one is derogatory. i mean, look at the other words on the list. there's definitely some homophobia in there. but is it directed; does it actually mean anything? thoughts?
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