March 30th, 2008

tom jones


you can't escape the past.

bonus storytime danventure: these mp3s are from cassettes from highschool that i dug up awhile back. i went to salvation army to get a tape player so i could copy them to computer. i bought a walkman which had a broken whoosit that i didn't discover til i got home and tried it. so the next day i went and traded it in for another walkman which would just constantly switch directions when it was playing, without ever actually playing anything. so i went the next day and switched that in for yet another one, which works just swell, despite the broken latch on the battery compartment. and as a special bonus, one of the dead batteries that came in it (gee thanks, salvy!) is a SUPER VINNIE brand battery. i didn't know such a thing existed, but it looks as if some guy in jersey decided to start making batteries in his garage.
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real bridges don't burn

people have been talking about dreams lately. apparently most folks have fairly pedestrian dreams, and my nighttime wackjob adventures are a glorious strange thing. a few nights ago i was a 10-yr-old orphaned elephant-headed boy trapped underground in a nintendo game, fighting an evil empire of slavers. this is the sort of thing i usually get.
but last night i had a total wish fulfillment dream, and it was beautiful, and when i woke up and it wasn't true i felt cut open. heather says she has dreams like that every night; i can't imagine.
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