April 1st, 2008

fire hydrant


so someone broke into my car last night. or more accurately, sometime between about 5pm-11am. they didn't break anything getting in, so either i forgot to lock it, or they know how to pop it open[1]. luckily i had nothing of value in the car, so they just took my change pile (a couple of bucks worth) and dumped all the stuff from my glove compartment on the floor. nevertheless, this is pretty fucked.

[1] what is with cars being so easy to open? like if you lock the keys in the car and call AAA, the dude shows up with his metal stick and 10 seconds later you're in. it should be more complicated than that, shouldn't it? isn't that the whole point of cars having locks, that it will take more than 10 seconds and a metal stick for someone to get into them?

it breaks my heart every time i lose a little faith in people. living here, this is the 1st time i have felt the need to lock my room door when i go out. used to be, i didn't even close my door. when i lived in woodruff (unh dorm), i left my door propped open all the time, except when i was sleeping or something. it was a point of pride for me, and a statement of trust. i would go to class, i would go home for the weekend, whatever, i left it there. and no one ever violated that. and that was in a college dorm of 50 people i mostly didn't know so well. this is a fucking CO-OP of 15 people and we are mostly all friends, and yet shit goes down. i don't know what the hole in the community is. where is this contradiction coming from?