January 31st, 2009


to the better business bureau:

This complaint is about both t-mobile and UPS; you don't give an option for multiple companies.

1) T-mobile switched over my service before my phone actually came. It shut off sometime Wednesday morning. They never mentioned anything to me prior about doing this, and if they'd asked I would've declined. They also never asked/told me they were requiring a signature for the delivery. If I'd known that I would've had the phone come to me at work Wednesday and this whole mess could've been avoided.
2) The UPS driver came while I was at work Wednesday, and left without leaving any note or anything. Again Thursday while I was at work, and left a note saying "sender requested a signature to confirm delivery". With both me and the lady at t-mobile telling UPS to NOT require a sig when they come back Friday, they flat-out refuse.
Thursday afternoon, I went to the UPS site and selected the option for picking it up at their office. UPS responds to say I cannot because the driver still has it and won't be back till after they close. I could've learned all this a lot faster except that UPS refuses to give out phone #s for local branches. So instead of speaking to someone who knew what was up, I had to talk to someone who had no info on what the actual situation was. The only allowed system is they pass msgs to the local branch who call me and leave messages on my answering machine because I have no phone. Anyway tho, I told them to deliver it Friday because I had no way to get down to their office. They agreed to this. I later talked to someone at t-mobile, who confirmed with UPS that it would be delivered Friday.
Friday I check their site and it says that the package is being held at their office for me to pick up. I call and am told the same thing, but get a supervisor to call the local branch. She reports to me that the driver does in fact have my package and it's on the way. Needless to say, no one from UPS ever came here today; no note was left or anything.

[they have a 2030 character limit, so i had to leave some stuff out and i don't feel like retyping it now because i'm suddenly exhausted. but in summary, this whole process has been a series of fuckups and of customer service people lying to me. also there were a ton of calls i had to make this week that i haven't been able to. ugh]
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hahaha pt 34567

so an email came in at 3am informing me that due to my terrible woe, my package has been put on urgent same-day pickup today. even though i was assured repeatedly yesterday that ups does not opperate on saturdays. so why don't htey put it on delivery today? no clue. but more to the point, this does me no good, AS THEY WERE ALREADY INFORMED, because it's being held at a branch that is a 2 hr round trip from here and i simply don't have the time for that. soooooooo fuck ups. again. seriously, how many companies can fuck up when they're not even supposed to be open yet? it's like they hired some latenight mistakes staff, to be sure the flow of idiocy was not interrupted.

supdate: so it turns out that by "same-day" they actually meant "2 days from now" and this is informing me i should pick it up monday. DELIVER IT ON FUCKING MONDAY DON'T MAKE ME DO YOUR JOB I HATE YOU

on the plus side, i might possibly have maybe solved my problem. i called t-mobile and bitched at people until they agreed to my brilliant plan: i will go to a t-mobile store, buy the stupid phone myself, be credited for it on my account, cancel the ups delivery, activate the phone, and drink until my heart stops.
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hockey mask


so in a shocking and unexpected plot twist, t-mobile YET AGAIN lied to me and wasted my time. despite me asking repeatedly to be absolutely sure this would work, my phone-buying plan did not work, because apparently t-mobile does not allow #s to be ported from one phone to another within the network. despite this being blatantly untrue, since you can upgrade phones for example, they refused to do anything for me.

to ups:
since you are apparently far too incompetent to deliver my package, i am just going to suck it up and make the TWO HOUR ROUND TRIP INCLUDING 40 MINUTES OF WALKING to pick it up from the 'local' ups branch. i want to make absolutely positively sure it will be available for me to pick up monday at 9am at 150 Plan Way, Warwick, RI. i've been lied to repeatedly by ups over the past week, and i am at the end of my rope. BE CERTAIN IT IS THERE. DO NOT MESS UP. please please don't screw me over again.

i love how increasingly deranged my messages are getting.

okay nm kristan advised me that message might not go over well. i'll save my venom for after i have the phone in my quivering taloned claws.

King Nixon (9:14:18 PM): "since there have been so many problems delivering my package, i am going to come to pick it up. as it's a 2 hr roundtrip, i want to make absolutely positively sure it will be available for me to pick up monday at 9am at 150 Plan Way, Warwick, RI."
King Nixon (9:14:19 PM): better?
King Nixon (9:14:35 PM): i want so badly to be venomous
xkristan (9:15:58 PM): mm. better, yeah. venom doesn't typically make them more cooperative.
King Nixon (9:16:12 PM): BUT THEY DESERVE IT

i don't know why this is upsetting me as much as it is, but i have seriously spent the past few days filled with rage.
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bends head


so when we were living at the mansion, desiree made me a beautiful scarf for hanukkah. i drunkenly left it at a party a couple weeks ago. i realized like an hour later; calls were called and inquiries were inquired, but it never turned up. i suppose at this point it's gone forever. i actually feel really bad about this.
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