March 23rd, 2009


dan sez:

  • 11:34 Ginger ale contains neither ginger nor ale. #
  • 12:33 Work is so boring today. I do not need to see an hour of pink panther cartoons. #
  • 20:18 Playing magic while airguitaring to journey: quite possibly the least hip moment of my life. #
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anyone have/know of a car i can buy cheap or rent for the summer? if i don't have a car by june 1 i am fired, for stupid reasons, but whatev. a 3 month rental would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500. and while it would be fun to have a schmancy rental car for a few months, if i'm gonna throw a pile of money around it might as well be to some nice person instead of hertz.
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don't be dead

so i was on the phone with my cousin and another call came in. i didn't answer it, but i called the number back when we were done. some lady answered and said i was calling a payphone. so i hope none of you were desperately calling me from a ditch or something. where even still has payphones?
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