March 31st, 2009

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using the internets

i started this post a million yrs ago and never got around to finishing it. so here's my vintage deep thoughts!

is it embracing or rejecting the possibilities of our future technology world, for me to be so steadfastly open online? i've always tried to keep myself totally findable, i do everything under my real name, i almost never do hidden friends-only type stuff, etc. so i've basically just transfered my real life into online life. i'm the same person online that i am in real life. but this is such an opportunity to present ourselves as however we want to be. the internet is a perfect new medium to create the persona i want to be and inhabit that. i don't need to carry all my problems on here, i could be whoever i want. i'm usually proud of my e-honesty, but sometimes it feels more like stubborn pride, like "i'm not going to let this shmancy new medium change ME!", as if life isn't already a constant series of slight changes to your personality and presentation of it based on circumstance (but unless you want to like move to a new town where you don't know anyone, there's never really a change for total reinvention).
for example- imagine if the internet turned into a virtual reality world like people have been predicting for 20 years. will your virtual you look like regular you? will you be a supermodel? a dragon? a floating triforce? most people i asked said they'd be normal them, but a little hotter. why try to preserve your real self when you're already not yourself? you're a bunch of electronic bits in a program that you've already told to make you look a bit different from how you really do, so why not go all the way?

personally, i'd be a colossal 6-headed fabio with laser eyes.
exploding branez


my new project is to rip all my cds onto my computer for more convenient rocking. i hardly ever listen to cds because mp3s are already there. so now it'll all be right there, and peace will reign over the earth. it's a slow process tho - i'm almost done with the A's! (my cds are alphabetical by 1st letter. what?)

i was talkin to scuffy last night about being able to focus on things. this is the kinda shit i can do: mindlessly sorting and manipulating. i can alphabetize shit like nobody's business, i can sit here and put a cd in and stare blankly while it rips, but i can't clean my room or write a story or finally get bach's finances straight. i try, and suddenly it becomes very important that i do anything else (lately this often involves diablo II). thanks a lot, brain.

i lost my bracelet yesterday. the one i've been wearing almost every day since highschool. it's somewhere in my house, which means the dogs have likely shredded it already. it feels weird to not have something on my left wrist.
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