May 18th, 2009

fried chicken head


for some reason i am really bad at belts lately. i've gone through 4 since coming to prov, 3 of them this year. it's not like i'm huge or make them ultra tight or anything. i'mi always excited when i get a new one because it looks cool then i destroy it. DAMN MY CURVES. i want to get one of those ones that is like a seatbelt connector for the buckle; i enjoy that.

thanks to obama's socialist wonderland, if i get laid off the guvmint pays most of COBRA, so i could have an insured slackadelic summer before school. what's a good way to get laid off? sadly, there is an exception that you can't quit and can't be fired for gross misconduct.

this weekend i worked with a guy who is autistic and schizophrenic. it was fascinating. he just babbled/mumbled the most surreal nonsense the whole time; i really shoulda written it down. i've always been intrigued by autism from what i've read but i've never interacted with someone who has it before. it was basically like i imagined (except he didn't solve any crimes).

it's freaking cold today. the weather needs to pick a season and run with it already.