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January 22nd, 2002

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08:52 pm - nuts to that
so had 2 classes today - african american lit, and calcII. lit was cool, the teacher seems really fun, and it sounds interesting. calc on the other hand, reminded me of something: while i do like math in theory, i hate math classes. there have been some math classes where i liked the teacher a lot, but i never liked the class. so it is a distinct possibility that my plan of getting a math minor is a bit unfounded, shall we say. i'm probably going to drop calc, so i have to look into what i can replace it with. (also, and of course this depends what i add in its place, but right now if i take out calc, i will not have any classes before 1pm. ah, sweet encouragement of my lazy ways, i will never get up before noon again)
np: Days of The New - Weapon & The Wound

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