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-i am a link!- that is unbelievably cool. i want that hanging on my wall as a clock
(link from feste)

this song is just messed up, dood. rockin, but messed up

at the request of johnbot, i have restored my site to prime viewing mode, for all. hurrah! wow does it suck too (yay for sites i made like 5 years ago). i didnt update anything, just repaired the hax0ring and fixed some pics i'd set wrong. i didnt follow any offsite links so i dont know if htey still work, but i did check the guestbook which apparnetly no longer exists. and i don't suggest registering your email wiht the thingamabob. this isnt ever going to be updated, and apparenlty it feels the need every so often to email some people and inform them that nothing has happened. i think that covers everything
it's a shame i never finished the pit of bad craziness. i still have it, halfmade in its shittiness, but i'm too lazy and it's too crappy for me to ever do it properly
so here is my site, enjoy!

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