Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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ooh, these have a common theme!
we need a healing aloe plant
your soothing hands run down my back

bring me to a simmer right on time
run my greasy fingers up your greasy spine

i met polyesterday today! yay! well i met her last nite apparently, but i was tired as death and didnt realize. so yeah, i was at aladdin's pocket today w/ woodruff people, and randomly her and geoff come in. so the 3 of us hung out a bit. fun!
and i was only there cuz i'd been at the mub and i ran into jill, meg, and that guy[1], covertly repairing mike's painting that's been hung up backwards for like a year now. then we were goin to aladdin's pocket and met larissa on the way. it's been a lucky social day =)

art's doin his lightshow thing tonite, should be fun. the State Prison Light Show

[1] not even the same guy whose name i forgot yesterday. i'm sucking now :-/ AH HA! THE GUY YESTERDAY'S NAME IS PETE! ok, one down one to go

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