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so yesterday was my official day of doing jack shit. it was fun. nothing like some good slacking to unstress yaself. it was meltingly hot so i spent much of the day lying around in the quad sans the energy to move. yay. i attempted to play whiffle ball but it turns out that i suck at whiffle ball. who woulda thunk it.. umm that was basically it, other than the cookies of fun which i mentioned already. huzzah. o, and lauri was sad, which sucked. i hope she's better now.. i fell asleep in the mub for like a half hr, that was amusing.. it was just so hot and i was lyin around and conked out. then i woke up and it took another half hr to get out of the damn chair.. so i went to visit julie, sit down on her bed, and end up lying there for another hour. lordy, this whole lying-around thing is tiring work.
today was much the same. had to get some video from the library for crit analyiss tomroorw, so of course the stupid whoever who took it out last hasn't returned it yet even tho it was due yesterday. biatch. so i got somethign else instead, close enough. it's godawful boring.. i was gonna watch it thru adn find a good clip.. it's about an hour. after 20 mins i gave up and watched m2. they were having a weezer video marathon, yay. turns out that buddy holly is their only good video, go figure.
o, and the final aegis meeting of the year was today. aww [sad pouty face]. we were gonna go to that acorn restaurant cuz erin has like 20 meals left on her block plan. but they were all fulled up, so we went to hte mub instead. yeehaw. tho i got a piece of black forest pie at the mub on a whim and it was phuckan good. i'll have to keep an eye out for that. the whipcream was all melted too, it was so hot. taht' amused me.
i am mightily thirsty. i think i'll send this, get some water, and go to bed.
i wonder if julie will be up for lunch tomorow. only time will tell..
hey.. tomorrow is the 2nd to last time i'll ever hvae to get up at sucks in the morning for calc. whoo!! AND tomorrow we will be getting the bouncy house. mmmmmmmmm bouncin'!
i have a paper due monday and 2 tuesday. forkers.

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