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fate smiles upon thee. thou hast found the cape of invisibility

so if i'd had livejournaling available to me anytime today before 3 or so, here's the entry i had in mind to write..
i'm so fucking predictable, it's pathetic

thankfully i'm of better mind now. but yeah, the beginnings of this day were very pissy for various reasons, most of them being i'm emotionally retarded

so i alarmed myself awake at noon as always. despite having gotten 8 1/2 hrs sleep[1], i was not ready to be leaving the bed so i finally rolled out around 1, then spent another half hour dicking around before i got dressed and went for something to eat. of course i got to the dining hall just in time to watch them close. blah. so i walk over to my car, thinking i'll stop at burgerking or something on the way home - i was going home to a) pick up my last check from work and b) find "leaves of grass" which i need to read for a class and i know we have it at home.
so anyway, i get home and of course can't find the book. turns out renny has it. ah well, i got it from the unh library when i got back, so it doesn't particularly matter i suppose
so went to dinner with my family to ohso exciting taco bell. the discussion of airport security somehow became my mom talking about the family reunion we're all apparently invited to[2] down in DC in like a year. it's a reunion of the shoafields(sp), who.... now let me get this straight.... my mom's grandma was 1 of three daughters of these 2 people in romania, who both died of tuberculosis within a year, so the 3 girls were sent to different romanian familys to live. eventually somehow they all ended up living in ny. so my great aunt marries some shoafield fella, has 5 kids, and dies of a burst apendix. this branched into how my grandma got her name and how my mom got hte ring she was wearing, and wandered back. so anyway, cept my dad we're all related enough to the shoafields to be invited (i guess he's a double inlaw or something, beign related thru 2 sets of marriage). most likely we won't go but it was a fun story.
o and i forgot to mention, before marrying themselves off, the 3 daughters' last name was buttsikizen or something horrible like that. my family's got a knack for weird names... somewhere on my dad's side[3] is a name i won't even hazard to spell but it's pronounced "its-cow". and my last name, for those of you who dont know, was shortened from widrewitz. i think the winner is my mom's school's principal tho: lipshitz. mmm!

renny: i need a spoon
mom: i didnt see any spoons. they had those forkspoon things
me: sporks, mom
mom: forkspoon!
me: spork!!
mom: ohh.. spork..

and we talked about taco tom for awhile, and how it's great that he's found something he apparently likes to do with his life, even tho he's a creepy dude

in random news, i need to buy one of those mini recorder things, so i can record myself when i have a thought i want to keep. i always think up brilliant(-seeming-at-the-time) things while i'm driving and by the time i'm able to write them down or whatever, i've forgotten them

[1] i think i woke up twice during the night, only for like a minute each time. but the odd thing is each time i woke up in the same dream: i remember very little about it other than it being markedly ordinary. in the dream, i would wake up, get out of bed, walk around in the reallife world, nothing strange going on. and then i'd wake up for real and be confused what was going on. i suppose it's possible i dreamed waking up those times too, but i don't think i did.

[2] as my mom said.... "we're all invited. [turns to my dad] except you, cuz youre not related"
dad: "great, i can stay home!"
my dad is the biggest homebody i've ever met. any night he can spend at home reading and listening to music, he's ecstatic. i hope i'm that content wiht my life someday

[3] after all this discussion of my mom's family tree, i ask my dad where his family's from. he says he lived in baltimore til he was 2 and doesnt remember any of it, then moved to utica where he grew up. i say, no your parents. he says somethign confusing which i forget, but it can be summarized taht they're both from ny. so i say, nooo farther back, where is your family from? he has no idea

and all the tangerines
they taste like jellybeans
this must be boring by now
grab a scale and guess the weight of all the pain i've given with my name
i'm a selfish piece of shit

addendum: WHAT THE FUCKITYFUCK! i close ie, and get one of those "it's encountered an error and can it send the info to ms?" things, i say yeah, so it does that, and when it says it's done and i close it, it gets a page fault. THEIR ERROR MESSAGE CRASHED

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