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saba saba saba saba HEY HEY HEY

hahahhaaaa, i don't remember "blinded by the light" having chopsticks in it? that rules
bliiiinded by the light
wrapped up like a douche another runner in the night

it's been a week and i'm sick of homework again. maybe i can drop out and still live here? that would be key

outside is too cold and inside is too hot. EVERYWHERE. this campus has no temperature control

"i'll have the double latte with cheese.." blaznrob

ReallySillyPants (11:10:10 PM): gretchen is picking out chocolate chips from our cookie-brownie type thingie
ReallySillyPants (11:12:36 PM): you've suddenly shut up... why is this
King Nixon (11:13:14 PM): i dunno, i dint have a lot of comment to her chocochip expedition
ReallySillyPants (11:13:26 PM): oh... well, that's because you're racist
King Nixon (11:15:04 PM): yes, i am against the race of chocolate chips
King Nixon (11:15:17 PM): they clearly need to be brutally slaughtered, via me eating them
ReallySillyPants (11:17:48 PM): slaugther of chips of any sort is good...
ReallySillyPants (11:18:34 PM): fish and chips...
King Nixon (11:19:04 PM): indeed. the whole chip society needs to be ethnically cleansed every oncein awhile
ReallySillyPants (11:19:23 PM): esp. the nacho cheese underclass....
King Nixon (11:20:03 PM): they are sucking the blood of our society!

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