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if it becomes an issue

so you may remember awhile ago i'd decided that at such time as i have need of one, my techno name would be.... dj trzaskoma.
well i decided the other day that as very nifty a name it'd be and as nifty a guy as he is, i don't really know him all that well so stealing his name would be kinda weird.
so i have a new name..... fuxario agape
possibly one of the words by itself. or possibly something completely different. la.
fuxario is essentially fuck going thru the pitboss "add -ario to everything for no reason" nerdario process. agape is ancient greek for calm friendship sane type of love (as opposed to eros, the crazy lusting mad desire love). (o btw, agape is pronounced uh-gahp-aye)

haha this song is so lame

yeah so, homework time. i'll probably be up til 4fuckin30 again. i have to write 2 responses for american lit cuz i'm ohso skilled and did it on teh wrong thing last time (it seems i forgot to mention in here: the version of leaves of grass i got at the library was the wrong version, so i had to go buy it after all. bah, he coudlnt use the standard edition of course), and read the symposium for world civ.. or i could read it in the 1 1/2 hrs i have off between classes. dan don't need no fancy socializin'!

on hte plus side, i got cream cheese, so now i have something yumtastic to put on my bagels!

and i feel it coming over like a storm again that's exactly how it is, like being trapped alone in the eye of hte storm

how much could you possibly have to do? so sleep already..
funny, i wasnt depressed when i started this post.. guess i'll go eat worms

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