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well then...
so woke up at satan o'clock.. calc was abotu as useful as ever.. tho we got to do the course evals today. yay. mine basicaly consisted of "i can't say much about the class cuz i always skip, but he said you should take it even if you had calc in HS. he lied". had my lame presentation in crit analysis. yay for playing video clips instead of actually saying things. and the 1st group gave everyone who asked a question (which, after the 1st question, the requirements were amended to "a questtion about the book") a ringpop cuz theyre cool. so i asked a question about the use of fact and fiction and blah blah (their group was doing "the things they carried" which you should all read cuz it's fuckin good). i left my ringpop in the lounge cuz i didnt especially want it, i'm sure it went to a good home. had lunch with julie, then everyone else showed up and she left, so had lunch with everyone else too. that worked nicely. myth was normal myth, only hotter. friggin heat. we got hte bouncy house today! whoo!! it really is the greatest invention of mankind. i had sooo much fun in there. i also sustained massive injuries because i'm a moron - i discovered that being able to bounce realy high and land on a soft surface makes gymnastic type moves wicked easy, so i was doing flips and bouncing around and shit, and i decide "hey, i'll try a backflip". now i was basing this on when i used to use trampolines sometimes that i coudl actually do this.. i could always at least get far enough around to land on mys tomach, which is fine. so i backflip...... and land on the back of my head. thunk. so i think i'm crippled for life now. but whatever. it didnt' even hurt at 1st, whcih is kinda odd. but it started aching later. not to mention my back has been hurting all day - i guess i slept funny or something, i dunno. so anyway, i'm all sorts of broken now. which won't stop me from bouncing lots more tomorrow. mmm. i think that's all my exciting news for the day. went to dhop with carter and mehrmann, twas a good time. then i get back here and people are watching ridiuclous anime in the lounge, so i watched a little until i remembered why i hate anime. o, and now along with river rave and godsmack and deftones, i'm also seeing fuel and our lady peace this summer. fuckin yeah! (and if anyone else wants to go to fuel or olp, they both go on sale tomorrow morning, and i'd love to have ya along)
ya know, it occurred to me today i haven't actually said a helluva lot in here lately. just been doing summaries of my day and shit, i stopped actually talking. hmm. dunno why, sometimes i don't hvae any deep insightfulnes i suppose. or i do and don't want to say it in here. which is a shame.. i started this thinking i would write it like a real journal and just ignore everyone else reading it.. but then it became for the audience, i'm writing partiallly with the expectation that other people will read it and think about it and whatever. which defeats teh purpose. i need to shake that habit if i want to start really getting anything out of this again, otherwise i'll get sick of it

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