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Which Kids In The Hall recurring character are YOU?


ClarnetGrl (2:08:59 AM): aieee aieeee a balrhog has come!
ClarnetGrl (2:09:06 AM): ::drops her bow::
ClarnetGrl (2:09:06 AM): ::flees::
ClarnetGrl (2:09:16 AM): ::does a lil jig to the latin chanting::
ClarnetGrl (2:10:03 AM): ::narrowly avoids death by leaning the correct way on a tottering stone stair case::
ClarnetGrl (2:10:19 AM): ::shoots an orc while she's pulling on a dwarf's beard::
ClarnetGrl (2:10:37 AM): ::runs across the bridge::
ClarnetGrl (2:10:51 AM): ::stops half way, holds up her glamdring and staff::
ClarnetGrl (2:11:16 AM): you shall not pass! i am a servant of the secret flame of aniur, dark fire will not avail you!
ClarnetGrl (2:11:21 AM): go back to the shadow!
ClarnetGrl (2:11:24 AM): YOU.....
ClarnetGrl (2:11:26 AM): SHALL......
ClarnetGrl (2:11:26 AM): NOT......
ClarnetGrl (2:11:31 AM): PASS!!!!
ClarnetGrl (2:11:44 AM): ::slams down her staff and her glamdring::
ClarnetGrl (2:11:55 AM): ::sends cracks through the narrow stone bridge::
ClarnetGrl (2:12:13 AM): ::watches as the balrhog tumbles into shadow::
ClarnetGrl (2:12:31 AM): ::turns, and breaths deep, for the first time in a long while::
ClarnetGrl (2:12:39 AM): ::feels a whip about her ankle and tumbles into shadow after the balrhog::
King Nixon (2:12:40 AM): egads you said many things
ClarnetGrl (2:12:54 AM): ::screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO while holding back the halflings::
ClarnetGrl (2:13:05 AM): :-) i was trying to get your attention and entertain at the same time
ClarnetGrl received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\mp3\bouncing souls - ole!.mp3 (2:13:10 AM).
King Nixon (2:13:24 AM): i like how youre playing 2 people at once
King Nixon wants to send file C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\ca_obloo.bmp (2:13:37 AM).
ClarnetGrl (2:13:49 AM): ::weeps on themountain side, while holding back the dwarf, while trying to go back into the cave to avenge me while cleaning my sword::
ClarnetGrl (2:13:59 AM): several people that time :-)
ClarnetGrl (2:14:25 AM): legolas! get them up!
ClarnetGrl (2:14:30 AM): give them a moment for pity's sake!
ClarnetGrl received C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\ca_obloo.bmp (2:14:32 AM).
ClarnetGrl (2:15:02 AM): by nightfall this hill will be swarming with orcs. we must seek refuge at lothlorien. come boromir, gimli, get them up. on your feet sam.
ClarnetGrl (2:15:56 AM): frodo! frodo? ::turns towards the camera and lets the single academy award nomination material tear fall down her cheek::
ClarnetGrl (2:16:27 AM): i think you should post this because it's uber impressive!
King Nixon (2:16:51 AM): wel i cant nowwwww you told me to! thats cheating
King Nixon (2:16:54 AM): now ou have to post it
ClarnetGrl (2:17:04 AM): awwww! can't you just ignore that lil detail???
King Nixon (2:17:43 AM): i supposssssse

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