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ok it's definitley time for bed now.....

cummder (2:25:17 AM): BLAH! BOOGAH!
Scummder (2:25:21 AM): Time fore me to bed!
Scummder (2:25:25 AM): only fore is for.
Scummder (2:25:27 AM): no E
Scummder (2:25:28 AM): EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Scummder (2:25:35 AM): Jamie ist schleepy.
King Nixon (2:25:39 AM): hee
King Nixon (2:25:40 AM): yes
Scummder (2:25:44 AM): Dan is getting Schleepy... SCHLEEEEEPY!
King Nixon (2:25:44 AM): monkey monkey fish tree
King Nixon (2:25:50 AM): dan has been schleepy all day
Scummder (2:25:53 AM): I love the monkey monkey fish tree
King Nixon (2:25:59 AM): i fell asleep in both classes today! adn the movie i saw!
Scummder (2:26:06 AM): I like the BUMFRUIT from the monkey monkey fish tree!
Scummder (2:26:14 AM): YOU NEED SLEEP!
King Nixon (2:26:17 AM): rainbow butt monkey fruit?
Scummder (2:26:26 AM): JOIN ME, DAN, IN THE REALM OF SLEEP!
King Nixon (2:26:27 AM): YOU NEED SNEEZE SHIELDS
King Nixon (2:26:37 AM): arright, goodnight
King Nixon (2:26:41 AM): byee
Scummder (2:26:51 AM): I AM YOUR FATHER, DAN!
King Nixon (2:27:11 AM): wow
King Nixon (2:27:18 AM): you didnt waste any time gettin busy, didja..
Scummder (2:27:23 AM): Its a shocker, aint it?
King Nixon (2:27:30 AM): nah, i always kinda figured
Scummder (2:27:32 AM): Nope. I was one busy human zygoat
Scummder (2:27:40 AM): Gettin it on and such
Scummder (2:27:51 AM): Damn! Its supposed to be a surprise!
Scummder (2:27:58 AM): *chops off your hand to surprise you*
Scummder (2:28:51 AM): (ps. you have to post this)
Scummder (2:31:03 AM): dan has dissapeared after leanring the shocking truth of his origin!
King Nixon (2:33:05 AM): no, i have gone to be trained in the ways of the shwartz
Scummder (2:33:11 AM): :o
Scummder (2:33:20 AM): not.... THE SCHWARTZ!
King Nixon (2:33:28 AM): yes!
Scummder (2:33:34 AM): *gasps*

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